What Is Our Story?

The Military and Veterans Resource Coalition (MVRC) is a voluntary partnership of military, veteran and civilian organizations.  It was initially created in 2008 as WakeCART (Wake Community Area Resource Team) and was associated with its parent organization in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  Its purpose is to ensure a network of support and assistance to military service members, veterans and their families in the city of Raleigh and neighboring counties of North Carolina.  To enhance its operations, WakeCART separated from the parent organization in January 2011 and reformed as the MVRC under the auspices of the COPE Foundation, a NC 501(c)(3) that offered free telephonic counseling to military service members and their families.

As of Jan 2017, MVRC maintains a partner list of  216 organizations ready and willing to serve our military community.

Who Do We Serve?

The Military and Veterans Resource Coalition (MVRC) serves the military and veteran community in and around Raleigh, NC. MVRC is contacted by veterans, military, families and organizations to assist with finding resources in the local area. We serve organizations who seek further assistance outside of their scope of programs for military/veterans/family. We serve military/veterans/family who are seeking to be connected to organizations that have programs to assist their needs.

MVRC collaborates with local organizations and individuals to host resource and information sharing sessions across the county.

How Do We Serve?

MVRC functions as a central clearinghouse for the coordination of services and the collaboration of organizations assisting our service members, veterans and their families.  MVRC “connects the dots” between organizations and individuals or families so that aid is provided swiftly and effectively.

Our goal is to improve awareness of, communication about, and access to supports that enhance well-being during service and in civilian life through collaborations among local organizations and individuals.

Filling the Gap- Emergency Support

In addition to providing a place for all partners to collaborate for the betterment of our military members and families, MVRC offers a limited amount of emergency financial assistance to clients working with our partner organizations. Examples of assistance include emergency housing, utilities, food and job training.

This service is intended to fill the gap until additional funding and resources can be secured in our partner network. ALL financial assistance empowers the recipient to improve his or her situation and is distributed through the service provider. For example, emergency payment of electric service is paid directly to the electric company.

All Rapid Response Funding is available by the generous donations of our community. In that spirit,  we ask that every recipient of assistance will pay it forward to their military and veteran communities by returning all or a portion of the funds received as soon as they are able. This is a no-cost, no -interest loan that when paid back in full goes DIRECTLY to benefit another military member/family/veteran and their families.


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Our Board of Directors

The Military and Veterans Resource Coalition has strong connections to our nation’s military service and to our community. Our success as an organization is not based on how much funds we raise or how many families we  touch over time. Our success is based on assisting one family, one veteran, one service member at a … Continue reading Our Board of Directors