MVRC 2017 Holiday Needs- How You Can Help

MVRC’s role in the community is to facilitate individual and community collaboration to support the well being of our local military and veteran population. We are a voluntary military-community cooperative that empowers service providers and organizations to increase available support capacity and  resources for local military, veterans and loved ones. We have no employees, all volunteers. The primary goal is to strengthen and develop support programs/networks by identifying barriers to care, leveraging existing resources and organizations to support of military as they mobilize, deploy, respond to natural disasters. In addition, we believe in EMPOWERING our military and veterans to continue their success, through our emergency support program. We work in various ways- through community education events, direct military support, partner education on best practices in serving the military and facilitating the creation of new resources when needed.  Right now, we have multiple projects going on. I will try to be as brief as possible, but wanted to give you options in supporting what means the most to you.


Unit Support: 

A local Reserve unit experienced a loss (death by suicide) about two months ago. MVRC is in close partnership with the unit to provide monthly briefs on resources such as employment, mental wellness, financial success, relationship and family support. to identify specific unit members who may be at risk of homelessness, joblessness and assisting them and to host morale events for family, members and spouses; beginning with a Holiday Family Event and Evening Winter Wonderland Formal on Dec 2 2017. (Event Donations have ended) 

We are in most need of subject matter experts for presentations, in kind or financial donations to support emergent needs and morale events and volunteers to attend and assist at events. 

Specifically, we are seeking funding to fill gaps for the unit. This includes buying groceries for food insecure service members, paying emergent utilities bills while assisting in finding employment, supporting the morale events, providing holiday gifts for members who cannot give their children gifts and more. Visit

Holiday Assistance for Military & Families: MVRC works with partners to support specific military families during the holiday season. So far, we have been able to provide gifts for over 70 children this year.

Single mother (veteran) who is a nurse, currently out of work due to a injury. Because of the mental and physical anguish from the injury, she will not be going back to her current employment, however she will be going back to nursing. The veteran is struggling to pay her mortgage, keep her utilities on, pay for their cell phones (her and daughter) and is also behind on her car registration and inspection. MVRC is working with partners to assist with finding gainful employment, preventing homelessness,  finding resources for medical insurance/medication payment, providing free counseling for her and her daughter and assisting her in applying for her VA benefits. In the meantime, the veteran has asked us to help with providing Christmas for her daughter.  Cell phone bill outstanding is $300.00. License plate and registration/taxes: $178.00 Bill Need Met: Dec 2 2017

The daughters wishes are: Need Met: Nov 28th 2017

  • Jeggings XL (girls 14/16)
  • Jeans 14 straight with adjustable waistband
  • Sweaters XL (14/16 girls)
  • “Pop Socket” in pastel color
  • Barbie clothes and shoes for her barbie dolls
  • She truly wants a Nintendo Switch with neon blue and red joycons and Splatoon 2 game. (no donors to help with this need so far, cost is $300.00)

New Born Gifts. We have three families who have recently had, or are due to have newborns. All three babies are boys! We would like to provide them with a small welcome package including gifts and resources for support. Financial assistance or relevant gift cards are welcome. Need Met Dec 2 2017

Service Animal for Veteran: a local veteran who has a service animal is having to retire his current service animal and pay for a new one, due to the health of his first service pet. He has TBI, PTSD, Seizures, Migraines and Anxiety- and the service animal is lifesaving for him. MVRC has been able to secure this training/animal for a VERY low fee of 380.00 (normally these animals cost 10k or more for training!). We are seeking financial donations to help with this need. Need Met! Nov 27 2017

Imminent Homelessness: Local veteran who served 22 years active and is now in reserves was laid off from his regular job. He has been struggling for months, and has been working with financial counselors, mental health counseling and employment help through MVRC. He has been able to secure employment with a local company, however he was behind on rent by 1400.00 at the time he was hired. MVRC worked with his landlord company to guarantee payment of past due money to ensure he, his daughter and family will not experience homelessness. We are in need of contributions to support this effort. This veteran is in agreement with MVRC for a no cost, no interest loan of the full amount; which he will pay in installments once he is more financially secure. MVRC is seeking to offset the amount he will have to pay back through donations. $1200.00 remains for this need! 

Empowering Career Success: MVRC has been connected to a veteran who is experiencing homelessness  and is currently working with a MVRC partner.  Living in a shelter currently, the veteran has secured stable employment! In order to begin work, this individual is in need of mechanics tools, as they are required by his job. Need Met. 

How to Donate: 

MVRC’s donation page is We have a partnership with Paypal Giving and Gofundme to accept online payments; however we do accept assistance in the form of in kind supplies and checks. If you choose to donate money, you will receive tax documentation and follow up information on the clients you are supporting.

In addition, it is important to note that MVRC does not distribute cash or check directly to military and families. MVRC works specifically with supporting organizations, vendors, and third party providers to pay past bills or meet imminent needs. (money donated goes directly to power company, rental agency, mortgage company etc).

See examples of how donations like yours have supported military and families:

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