2017 MVRC is growing like flowers in spring…

An important aspect of the work of MVRC is connecting with available resources in our community to serve those who have served. Below are some brief highlights from the past few months about how our partnerships, your donations, and the care coordination team has been able to empower our military community in the area.

Case 1: MVRC, along with Rev. Shirley King, were able to assist a veteran mom by paying for two nights in a hotel for her and her girls while waiting for a new home. We were also able to connect them to HOPE church which provided 3 Easter baskets 2 for the girls and one special basket with a gift card for mom!  We collected clothes and some house supplies to donate and were able to connect her with a mattress for her new home. 🙂

Case 2: Through the help of private donations and our coalition partner Archangel Alliance, we were able to prevent eviction for a Vietnam veteran and their small child. This veteran was also connected to coalition resources that will help empower their financial success. Through our partners with local veteran service organizations, we are able to holistically meet the needs of individuals, so that not one organization is bearing the weight and so that every veteran received comprehensive care to help empower them.

Case 3: Through generous donations and partners, MVRC was able to help a marine veteran from Durham and his wife obtain a washer and dryer and couch for their home. With help of CARMEDIX in Durham  and emergency fund donations we were able to help the couple get their car repaired in order to ensure the veteran is able to continue to keep his appointments at the VA.  It’s partners like CARMEDIX who are community members, outside of the traditional military support organization system, who care and help by donating services or time as they are able. We welcome CARMEDIX to the MVRC community.

Case 4: An urgent plea for a female veteran went out to our coalition partners and friends in March. After recovering from breast cancer, this individual was on the verge of homelessness and lacked food security. Our community pulled together to not only secure her housing, provide her with monthly food assistance but to also help pay her past due utility services! A wonderful example of how any individual or group can support military and become a coalition partner would be the Friends of New Bern Avenue. In this case, Ms. King-Morgan sent out a plea to her community members- asking them to support this veteran. No gift is too small, including the individual who contacted me to provide fresh eggs from her chickens for this person. The Friends of New Bern Avenue reminded us that EVERYONE can do something to assist, all we have to do it try!

Behind the scenes:

The requests are pouring in, and so is the support. MVRC has gained 4 new board members since January and we are working diligently on community offerings in the coming months. Our accomplishments include:

  • Developing a new tracking system to ensure we follow up with needs as effectively as possible.
  • Developing a new partnership system to continue to understand the needs and offerings of our partners and develop a strong network to serve those who have served.
  • Created an event calendar. Stay tuned for some new and excited opportunities to get involved with MVRC and Your military community!
  • Brought in 4 new partner organizations to support military, veterans and families.
  • Worked with a consulting nonprofit to create new bylaws, new structure, new fundraising plans and policies and to refine our mission and vision

Now what? 

Educate: Learn more about veterans, military and families in the Triangle. Attend an event in support, call a local Reserve unit and offer to volunteer, join an organization like Team Red White and Blue. Understanding our military community is the first step in providing support!

Engage: Want to be a part of the support network? Organizations and individuals may sign up to be a part of MVRC.  If you would like to provide financial support for our work, please donate here. 

Empower: Support Veteran Owned Businesses. Find a military neighbor and offer a hand. Write a card to someone deployed. Give to local organizations that support military/veteran empowerment. Together we can go #beyondthethankyou

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