Hurricanes and Holidays

In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew unleashed record amounts of rainfall in Central and Eastern North Carolina; leaving many families without access to food, clean water, power or safe shelter. The floodwaters in many areas did not recede for weeks, which made the situation life threatening for many stranded citizens. The community, National Guard, local law enforcement and responders did what they do best; came together to help one another in times of need.

After the initial support began to subside many nonprofits, including MVRC, began to reach out to the community to ensure they continued to receive care as needed. Mr. K, a father and recently separated Reservist was one of those families.

Mr. K’s home was devastated after the hurricane, resulting in a near total loss of all his families belongings. After receiving a small stipend from FEMA support, Mr. K and his children were left living in a hotel for weeks waiting for his home to be deemed safe to enter. When he was finally able to enter his home, he found that many of his personal items had been disposed as hazardous material.

As our military often do, Mr. K set out to repair the damage and restore the belongings in his home. Having met the Board Chair at an event 4 years prior, Mr. K reached out to MVRC as a last hope during the holiday season. His resources were exhausted and he humbly asked our care coordinator for organizations that could support gifts for his children. Because of an incredible last minute donation to MVRC, we were able to secure two sizable gift cards to support Mr. K’s children.

With only 2 days until Christmas Morning, Mr K. told us:

“Once again, on behalf of me and my family;  we thank you, thank you, thank you! Your organization is such a blessing… may God continue to bless you all”.

Our support didn’t stop there:

In 2017, MVRC will be working to connect Mr. K to educational resources; as he would like to go back to school for a specific trade. In addition, our care coordinator is working diligently on investigating additional resources to support the remaining recovery from Hurricane Matthew.


 Thank YOU Mr. K; for your service to our nation. 

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