MVRC ‘Adopt a Veteran’ Holiday Support

After a successful season of donations from our community, MVRC’s board felt compelled to utilize some of our funding to support a local veteran family during the holiday. Following our mission and vision for our organization, we set out to find a veteran family who has been working towards their goals with fervor and could use a hand UP to succeed.

On December 20th, MVRC Board Members were able to support to a Navy Veteran, his wife and 3 children. Coming out of a season of debt while he was in school and providing for his growing family; “Mr. B” (veteran) shows the tenacity and drive that follows our military after their service.

Mr B has a knee and back injury from his time in service and is often in debilitating pain, yet he manages to excel in school, at work and as a spouse and parent. This year, with one semester remaining, Mr. B encountered financial barriers due to a paperwork mix up with Veteran’s Affairs. While working a full time day job in RTP and working two side jobs to help his family succeed, he has had to find the extra time to travel on a continual basis to complete the necessary paperwork for his earned education benefit from Veterans Affairs. Once degreed, he will be able to move up in his career.

Besides the full-time career of raising three young children, Mr. B’s wife is also an excellent example of compassion and love in our community. Mrs. B volunteers her time to support local refugees by helping them learn to navigate the necessary systems for employment, health and success. She helps them learn things like how to navigate the bus system or buy groceries; necessary skills for survival in a new culture. She often brings her own children with her and teaches all the children English.

MVRC is proud to support our military community and even more proud to help empower our veterans after service. Through generous community donations, our board was able to provide over 15 outfits for the oldest child who had grown out of all his clothes. In addition, we gave diapers and wipes for months, additional clothes for the middle and youngest child, educational toys and books and a few special requested “gifts from Santa”. Mrs. B received a nominal gift card to a local restaurant and movie for a adult night out and special bath supplies to pamper herself. Mrs. B requested a nominal gift for her husband’s hobby (which we were able to order) and MVRC also provided him with a gift card for gas to offset his travel expenses to the VA. To top off our donations, we were able to give the family an additional $100.00 in grocery money!

Because our community came together to support this effort, MVRC was able to give this blessing to a local family, at the cost of $500.00 to our organization.

Our work didn’t stop there…

Financial empowerment is a GREAT part of what we do, but solving long term problems and connecting veterans, military and families to needed resources and organizations is what creates LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY. True to our mission, MVRC was instrumental in assisting Mr. B with resolving his paperwork discrepancy with the VA  by connecting him directly to a Veterans Affairs advocate in our area. At the time of this post, Mr B had contacted the advocate and, together, they had resolved the issue in a short time.

Mr. B proudly stated

“I am proud to be a veteran, and wish I could have continued to serve my country for many years [after my injury]. I am very grateful for organizations like MVRC who continue to highlight and support the local military and families not only with money but with resources. I didn’t know where to look to even start to solve my problem, and MVRC was the first and last connection.  I look forward to paying this forward to others as I am able.”

To learn more about how you can donate to support and empower Triangle Military and Families, click here.

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