Answering the “How”

by MVRC Board Chair, Erin Timmermans, MPA.


From the time we are children, our inquisitive minds often ask a very important Photo Credit: PopSugar.comquestion. HOW? How does the sun come up? How does the grass grow? How do cars drive? How does food grow?  This discovery of the world that begins in childhood continues with us through all stages of life.


The Military and Veterans Resource Coalition of the Triangle has a mission to answer this vital question for Triangle organizations, community leaders, military and families.

Community Organizations: “How do I support?”

Our community leaders, nonprofit employees, volunteers and for-profit partners know why it is vital to continue to assist our local military community. Businesses want to assist in the transition of veterans to civilian life. Community and government leaders want to help ensure those who have sacrificed for our nation’s freedom receive quality, affordable care. Employers KNOW that veterans, military and families are skilled, resilient, knowledgeable assets in our community. What they may not know is HOW to provide support using their existing programming or resources. MVRC is dedicated to answering the HOW with our business partners, community and government leaders and employers.

The business could be a local real estate agent who is skilled in navigating the VA loan process with clients, a flower shop who opts to provide flowers for military families at low cost, a sports facility that donates free sports training to military children, a local restaurant that hosts a fundraiser supporting crisis funding, a nonprofit that teaches financial literacy and education or an organization that provides no cost wedding dresses, suits, or interview clothing. EVERY person, organization or business CAN serve the military and families that reside in the Triangle and it is MVRC’s mission to ensure that they have the resources and connections needed to successfully fulfill their desire to serve.

Military families: “How do I get help”?

MVRC is an essential resource for connecting military families to qualified, reputable services that support their need. In times of crisis, financial concern, unemployment or relationship stress, military families may spend countless hours searching for viable resources to empower them with resources and education that will enhance their quality of life. While qualified resources are available, they may only be able to help with a small portion of the overall concern- leaving the military member, veteran or family back to square one in the hunt for assistance. They may find themselves asking “HOW do I get support? HOW do I get beyond Google searches and voicemails? HOW can I do better for my community?”

MVRC circumvents this process for military and families by connecting the dots of service. If someone is in need of transportation assistance to their medical appointments but also in need of financial counseling, our Care Coordinator is able to make direct connections to multiple organizations that will serve the individual. MVRC removes the barriers to care and takes the guesswork out of finding valuable resources in the community. MVRC believes that the military and family living in our community have unique skillsets and a desire to serve; we partner with local organizations to ensure that our military and families are presented with ongoing, unique opportunities to continue their service to our nation through volunteerism.

What’s Next for MVRC?

MVRC’s purpose is to ensure a network of support and assistance to military service members, veterans, and military families in Wake County and surrounding areas. Our board of directors is an all-volunteer group of passionate individuals who have dedicate countless hours to this work for the past 8 years.

The board of directors are focused on:

  • Outreach to military and families
  • Providing coordinated care and emergency support to local military and families
  • Outreach to organizations, employers and businesses
  • Connecting existing coalition partners to one another to serve clients.
  • Partnering to hold TWO resource fair and networking opportunities for our coalition partners
  • Developing a network of volunteers to help our mission

MVRC’s current goal is to raise funding to support the hiring of a military-related individual in our community that will enhance services provided by MVRC. We are working on this through public campaigns, partnerships with local organizations and the incredible generosity of private grants.

How can YOU get involved?

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