6 Easy Ways to Support Veterans and Military Families on Memorial Day

While Memorial Day is most often celebrated with a backyard barbecue, it’s important to remember and celebrate the true meaning of the day. Created after the Civil War, Memorial Day honors all Americans who have died while serving in the military.  This year, celebrate Memorial Day with one of our easy ways to support veterans and military families.

  1. Say “thank-you”. Write a thank-you letter to a veteran or current member of the armed forces, even if it’s a member of your family. Hand deliver the letter or take advantage of A Million Thanks, an organization that makes it easy to send a letter to men and women in the military.
  2. Donate to an organization that helps veterans and military families. Find an organization with a mission that matters to you and send them a donation. It’s even better if you hold a community fundraiser to collect the funds! A great place to find a worthy organization is the list of our Partners.
  3. Visit a VA National Cemetery. Show respect for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice by visiting one the VA’s National Cemeteries for a Memorial Day Ceremony.  You can just pay your respects or place flowers and flags on veterans’ graves. Others also honor the dead by placing flags and flowers on veterans’ graves.
  4. Volunteer in honor of those who’ve served our country. Even just a few hours serving your community is a great way to celebrate all those who have dedicated their lives to service.  Take some time — a day, or just a few hours — to volunteer and serve your community in honor of those who’ve served our country. Activate Good is a great place to find volunteer opportunities near you.
  5. Help out a neighbor. If you know a family with a loved one serving overseas, or a family who’s lost a loved one, take some time to help out by mowing their lawn, offering to watch the kids, or bringing them dinner. The smallest of gestures can really make the biggest difference.
  6. Attend a Memorial Day parade. Most communities hold a parade to commemorate those who’ve lost their lives while serving our country. This is a great way to celebrate as a family.
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