Free Tuition; Changed Life

A couple of years ago, we got a call from one of our partners who knew of an OEF/OIF veteran with a young child and a pregnant fiancée.  He was trying to go to school while also working a low paying job to support his family.  He also suffered from PTSD and depression, which were getting worse by the day.  As a result of all this stress, he got a low grade on one of his college courses.  This put him on academic probation and cut off his GI Bill funding.

MVRC got him connected with the Vet Center to support his mental health issues.  One of our partners in the legislature got their representative to make a call to the representative of the district where the veteran was in school.  By chance, the state representative happened to personally know the president of the college.  Upon explaining the situation, the college president made arrangements for the veteran to complete his education there tuition free.

When we talked to the veteran later he said his mood was great, he was looking for a better job and found new energy to really work hard on his studies.  His fiancée was so moved, despite being pregnant; she took on a part time job to help cover the bills so it wasn’t all on the veteran’s shoulders.

MVRC may not always see such successful outcomes.  But stories like these keep us trying hard with every need presented to us.  It is also why we love our many partners.  Good things happen when we work together.

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