Doing Good: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Van Gogh

MVRC got a message from one of our North Carolina National Guard partners on Saturday morning.  A Guard couple was in process of moving to Raleigh, and the NC Guard folks had gotten a call from their NG peers in another state looking for assistance for the couple.  The couple had new jobs but no money until they got their first paychecks.  They had an appointment on Monday with the Salvation Army to hopefully get a longer period of support.  In the meantime, they were one day short of being able to stay in their hotel room.  They needed someone to help pay for a Sunday night’s stay so they would not be on the street that night.  We went to the hotel website and purchased one more night stay for the couple.  For a $50 room, MVRC kept the couple off the street for a night within a few hours of being contacted about the situation.

Last week the need was for a female veteran with two small children.  She was going to school on the GI Bill but ran out of enough money to pay her electric bill of $290.  The city was going to cut their power the next day.  It took two days of reaching out to other organizations, but the Women Veterans Support Services (WVSS) stepped up and covered the cost so the veteran and her kids could have electricity.

These are examples of how MVRC provides rapid response emergency funds to meet the daily living needs of military and veteran families, either through our emergency fund or with the help of our friends, like WVSS.  Doing good doesn’t mean you need to provide huge acts of charity.  Sometimes small acts of kindness can lead to great things!

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