What happens when MVRC puts out a request to help a military or veteran family?

Sometimes we get more than expected.  Here is a string of emails to illustrate:

These are from a wonderful woman that chooses to remain anonymous.  You will see the response was more than she even expected too.
11/8/2013 – Woman to MVRC: My husband and I are interested in helping make the holidays a little nicer for a local military family.  Mr. Hill at the Army Reserve Center in Cary gave me your organization as a resource to help connect us with a family in need.  We’d like to make it personal if possible.
11/13/2013 – MVRC to Family Readiness contacts with Army Reserve: I was wondering if there is a reserve family who might appreciate the offer below.  If not, let me know, because there are always Guard families who can benefit from support.  Thanks.
11/13/2013 – Reserve FRG to MVRC:  Absolutely. I have a family that contacted me just this weekend. I’ll give her a call.
11/13/2013 –  MVRC to Reserve FRG:  Fantastic.  You can take it from here but if you need me for something, let me know.
1/2/2014 – MVRC to Woman:  Happy New Year,  I was curious to find out if the Army Reserve connection worked out and you were able to help one of their families?
1/2/2014 – Woman to MVRC:  Yes, we were.  We actually were able to help them quite a bit.  About 5 families came together to help them.  We were able to catch up $300 in utility bills, got lots of new and used clothing and new shoes for the kids plus quite a few toys for each.   Thank you for connecting me with Patti.
1/23/2014 – Woman to MVRC in response to request to share her story:  Sure that would be fine with me.  Once I realized that their need outweighed our singular ability, I posted a request on our neighborhood blog for additional assistance, and then a neighbor (not sure who), posted it again with their work blog.  From that we got a little bit from several people, which ended up being quite a bit.  Of the people who donated, I only actually knew 3 of them; the remaining 4 were strangers and at least one anonymous person/people just left stuff on my porch.  I’m glad people gave what they could and with a glad heart.  I think this community is very generous; most only need to be asked to assist.

It is for situations like this that MVRC keeps doing what it does.


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