MRVC Connects Across the Nation to Change Lives

Got a call today from an HR consulting firm in Houston, Tx.  The woman calling was representing a Raleigh company that contracts with their firm.  The company is very interested in hiring veterans but didn’t know where to post job announcements.  Someone gave this woman the MVRC contact info, hence the call.  She grew up in a military family and had a high interest herself in seeing that veterans here would find opportunities for work.

I put out word to about 5 folks who got back to me with several leads.  Passed those along to her.  We will probably never know if there is a National Guard service member or a veteran who gets a job because a person from a company in Texas took the time to make a connection for a company here in Raleigh that didn’t know how to get their job openings out to the attention of veterans.

We have gotten calls from South Carolina about our program.  A few requests for assistance from as far as Winston-Salem and places Down East, but I suspect Texas will probably stay the winner for Request From Furthest Away (at least for awhile).

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